Hi! I am Andra.

A blessed, free-range kind of mother of an amazing, smart, 8 yo., blue eyed boy, named Tudor👩‍👦, happy adoptive mom of an adorable Transylvanian Hound dog, named Falkor 🐕, daughter of some of the few good doctors left in this country 👩🏻‍⚕️ 👨🏻‍⚕️, proud sister and long time best friend of some very beautiful and good people, Lover of Britishness, Scottish landscapes, parler d’amour en français ⚜️❤️, latino dancing 💃, exotic wanderlusts 🐠🏝,vitamin sea addicted 🏊‍♀️, kite boarding adventurer 🏄‍♀️, skiing like a pro for 37 years ⛷, loud car Tomorrowland playlist listener and driving afficionado, sometimes called by old time friends “the owl“🦉, also lately a spiritual seeker, in pursuit of Buddhist philosophy 🧘‍♀️🕉.

I am a BIG time foodie 👩‍🍳, with a huge joie de vivre, Lover of good life 🥂, good food 🦞🍛, demi-sec wines, Irish butter ☘️, Romanian garlic, Italian sun-dried tomatoes, Thailand’s mangosteens, coconuts 🥥 and garam masala spices.

Firm believer of Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Amateur cook and a gastronomy passionate for years, once a party planner and brand developer for Flavours Food Design catering, a former multinational corporate food & beverage marketer, now an independent marketing consultant for several HoReCa projects, retail stores and FMCG products, creating marketing content and designing exciting brand concepts. Follow the link if you are interested to work with me https://www.life2enjoy.ro/contact/”.

Inspired by “Julie & Julia” and “The game changers” movie , to start this blog and write about my journey into becoming a happy clean eating vegetarian (Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine inspired), learning and experimenting more of the plant based culture, food & lifestyle. From this day forward, NO MORE processed foods and drinks for me, NO MORE poisonous meat and dairy products, eating more of the healthier, whole grains or even going straight to gluten free products. I will not give up though, on fish & seafood, Irish butter ( you can not ever have too much butter, right? 😋), grass fed, organic dairy products and bio eggs.

My challenge: 100 lovely vegetarian recipes by Easter 2020.

Hope my blog will become a source of inspiration for all my friends and acquaintances and for many other people that will resonate to my health & wellness mission and my stories, so please share your vote of confidence, Like & Share this page and also Follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

I’d love to see how my recipes turned out for you, so please let me know it by sharing your experience in the comments below the posts or send me a message.

Have a lovely and healthy cooking trip, my dear friend!

May you have abundance of love, joy and happiness in your life! ❤️

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